Subframe thickness: 2.5 cm
The size of the selected fragment: 0 cm Х 0 cm
Price: 0,25 Euro
Step 2. Templates
Paper Type
Type of design
Butt type
The background
Processing Images
Number of fragments:
1 image:
2 image:
3 image:
4 image:
5 images:
more than 5 images:
Individual layout:
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For convenience, we recommend pressing F11, or the monk on the right above

- When you change a product, template, load a project, update and close a page, ALL IN THE WORKING AREA RETURNS!

- After adding to the basket, you cannot edit the layout!

- The image on your screen and after printing may be different. You need a professionally calibrated monitor and you need to take into account the features of the selected paper type

Types of products
Workspace, photo work
Line control (horizontal on white background)
1. Subframe thickness
2. Workspace size

This is the size of the visible part of the finished product

- In the modular picture - this is the size of the maximum

3. The size of the selection
4. The total size of the composition
5. View in the interior
6. Add to cart
Line of functions (horizontal on a blue background)
Option Bar (left)
Line of your images (bottom)
To get started:
Step 1. Select the size of the workspace (lthe 3rd line above)
Step 2. Select the desired template option in the "template" option