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How to make an order?

Go to the editor, upload your photos, or choose from our catalog. Select the item and the necessary options, add the item to the cart (repeat from the beginning of the action if more than one item is needed in the order) and place an order in the cart, opal it.

How much is printing on canvas?

See the editor for available sizes and prices, as they depend on the product and options selected.

What is the time frame for printing on canvas?

The term depends on the options you have chosen and you can see it in the basket (if the order has not yet been issued) or in your personal account (if the order is issued). The date of the order and the moment of the counting of the deadline for the execution of the order is considered from the date of placing the order until 12:00 (on a working day), if after 12:01 (on a working day) it is considered from the next date (working day). All orders loaded on Friday after 12:01, Saturday and Sunday are considered from Monday. The deadline on the site is specified without regard to the delivery services.

What need photo for printing on canvas?

The better the photo, the better the quality will be. But the file size does not always correspond to the quality of the photo, you can artificially increase a very bad photo without processing, and then there will be the same result as with the original small size.

Correctly when the file in mm is equal to the size of your picture at dpi 300.

If you do not have good quality photos, you can choose high-quality photos in our image catalog, or select "photo processing" in the editor, then our designers will try to improve them.

Colors, brightness, contrast after printing will be the same as on the screen of my monitor, phone, tablet?

No, colors after printing may differ from what is on the screen. Since monitors are different, and for maximum color reproduction, they must be professionally calibrated and the paper does not have a backlight as a monitor. You also need to take into account the features of the selected paper type.

Free shipping?

Delivery in the amount of the order is not included, you pay for it upon receipt according to the tariffs of the selected delivery service.

Is the frame included in the price?

The cost of the gallery covering includes a frame, and if the covering is standard, then you need to order the framing frame separately (there is no such service at the moment)

More about the types of stitching in "Painting on canvas"

Does the paint stink?

Not. We print water based pigment inks. They are odorless, non-toxic. Therefore, the photo can be hung in any room without fear for health.

Can I see the layout before printing?

You make the layout and see for yourself in the editor when creating an order, in your account and by mail after placing the order.

If you chose to retouch your designer with the option, then the layout will be agreed with you before printing.

How to upload photos from social networks?

Save the photo on your computer, only to keep the original in first quality quality. A very poor quality original will increase the chance that the picture will be fuzzy (blurry and with artifacts. Example for VKontakte:

Can I hang a picture in the bathroom or in another wet room?

Not. From above, the canvases are covered with a protective varnish and dust can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth, but it should not be in a wet environment and the picture will lose its appearance over time.

Canvas burn out? Can I protect the image from UV rays?

The canvas does not fade, if the selected option "protective varnish" then we cover the canvas with a special acrylic varnish. It protects the canvas from fading and light mechanical damage.

Our canvases have UV protection due to their protective coating. But the canvas should not hang in direct sunlight for a long time, if you want to keep the colors pristine.

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