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Processing photo

Sometimes the pictures are not what they seemed. If the result does not suit you, then you can change it, in this case - we will provide you retouching and processing services, you will get the desired result! To do this, in the editor, select the option " photo processing ".

Two types of processing are available:

  • Minimal retouching - general color correction, face cleansing from skin defects
  • Careful retouching - color correction works with the background, dress, and skin separately from each other. Cleaning the face from skin defects, drawing light and shade, adding depth and volume

After retouching, we mail you the result for approval and, if necessary, make edits.

Depending on the quality of the photo and the chosen picture size, the price may increase. Before the start of the work, the designer will call you and tell you the amount.

We cannot process some photos: if the file size is very small, the quality of the photo is poor, the processing of the photo before us was done very poorly - the photo will be almost impossible to do well and the price of the photo will be very high due to high labor costs.

Consider that the colors after printing may differ from what is on the monitor screen:

- monitors are different, and for maximum color reproduction they must be professionally calibrated;

- paper does not have backlighting as a monitor.

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